Lending protocol against

your salary stream with Superfluid

  • Lend up to 20% APY
  • Borrow from 10% APR

How it Works

We enable the uncollateralized loan by splitting the salary streaming on Superfluid from the employer to the borrower and lender.

Borrowers set their loan conditions like the amount or duration they want to borrow. we limit it with 50% DTI (debt-to-income ratio) as maximum.

Borrowers ask employers to change the destination of their salary stream, from their wallet address to our contract address.

Once lenders deploy the loan to borrowers, the salary stream will be automatically split to borrowers and lenders, depending on the loan condition and interest rate.



Instant fund with uncollateralized loan by
sharing the future salary to the lender


Higher APY up to 30%
than overcollateralized lending protocol


BorrowerLoan ValueDurationInterest RateStatus